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What Gets Inspected?

A home inspection involves the inspection of key systems in a home, including:

1. The grounds. This includes service walks, driveways and parking, porches, steps, patios, decks and balconies, fences, landscaping that effects the foundation, retaining walls, hose bibs, and any other conditions that may effect the house itself.

2. The electrical. This includes the heating system, air conditioning or heat pump, outlets, and lighting.

3. The roof. We inspect the eaves, the gable, the roof covering (shingles), flashing, skylights, and plumbing vents.

4. The exterior. This includes the chimney, gutters and scuppers or eavestrough, siding, trim, soffets, fascia, flashing, windows, and crawlspace.

5. The garage. We inspect the garage door and the opener, the floor condition (concrete or otherwise), exterior service door, electrical issues, fire separation from the house, and the ceiling.

6. The kitchen. This includes countertops, cabinets, plumbing components, walls and ceiling, heating and cooling source, and appliances.

7. The laundry room. This includes the laundry sink, plumbing, venting for the dryer, electrical, G.F.C.I., appliances, and gas shut off.

8. The bathrooms. This includes a detailed inspection of the tubs and sinks and the plumbing, the shower, toilet, walls and ceilings, heating, circulation, and for each of the bathrooms.

9. The bedrooms. Each bedroom is inspected for all the necessary components, electrical outlets working, vents, heating and cooling, fans, ingress and egress, fire alarms, and doors.

10. The interior. This includes everything already listed but also interior windows, window seals, fireplace, stairs, steps, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

11. The attic. The attic is inspected for sound structure, the type of insulation and whether it is sufficient, venting, where fans are exhausted to, HVAC duct, chimney case, evidence of condensation or moisture, and vapor barriers.

12. The crawl space. This involves inspecting for access, foundation walls, siesmic bolts, drainage, ventilation, girders/beams/columns, joists, sub flooring, moisture stains, insulation, vapor barrier, and any signs of problems.

13. The plumbing. All plumbing systems are checked throughout the house, including water service and pressure, main shut offs, well pump, water heater (capacity and combusion air venting), and water softener.

14. The heating system. The system is examined and operated to test it for correct operations and heating, including electrical controls and systems. Cooling systems are also tested extensively.

There is much more to an inspection, because these are just the categories and each category involves a detailed inspection. While some inspectors rush in and out in 40 minutes, Ed  is known for often taking two or three hours to complete a home inspection, but that only points out how through his inspections are.

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